The American Dream Project is YOUR project.

The American Dream Project is made up of citizens–in all professions and walks of life–who know we can do better and are willing to do something about it. Join us.


A majority of Americans worry that the American Dream is in deep trouble.

No matter what our economic status or political affiliation, far too many of us find our lives confusing, stressful and frantic. These factors jeopardize a lifestyle of opportunity, fairness, and personal responsibility.

It’s time for action.


The American Dream Project vision is to motivate and empower each of us to strive toward our personal dreams. Through personal innovation and dedication, each of us fashions America into a physically and psychologically healthy society, one that we can be proud to pass on to our children.


Today, the American Dream Project is collecting ideas and experiences at ThoughtRocket.com. It’s a dynamic website that pulls from the latest scientific and social research to create a launchpad for personal innovation. The ThoughtRocket team provides daily inspiration and practical challenges for changing your life and your world. You can share your story, and read the stories of others, as we strive for real success and personal fulfillment.

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