Stopping Sex to End Violence

If you still doubt this consider the fact that nearly all (over 95%) of micro loans are made to female entrepreneurs in developing countries rather than males. The repayment ratio of these loans, which on average doubles a household income within a year, is more than 97% when made to women. Men are bad loan risks for these loans because most often they spend loan proceeds or any increased income to pursue their favorite hobbies – gambling, drinking, and prostitution.

I am not anti-male. I am only stating the facts. Men are hunters and women are gatherers. Women are also community builders. When women succeed using micro loans they invest their new wealth in their children’s education, clean water projects, cows and goats—things that strengthen their families and communities. This scenario has played out with tens of millions of micro loan recipients, and it only confirms what we experience throughout our lifetimes with wise women

Many anthropologists observe that women are the prime source of civilizations. And if you watch beer commercials it’s easy to imagine that without women’s civilizing force we’d be living like cave men.

So…maybe it’s time to let women run things. If women were in charge do you think we’d have gone to war in Iraq?

If women were in charge do you think…

  • We would allow millions of children to go uneducated?
  • We would allow millions of children to go hungry every day?
  • We would not have universal health care?
  • We would waste tens of billions creating weapons we will never use?
  • We would make sure everyone had access to assault weapons and blow off mass murder as necessary collateral damage?
  • We’d go off fiscal cliffs because egos are more important than our nation’s strength?
  • We’d continue to condone unequal pay to women?
  • We’d claim that the best society is one in which every person fends for themselves and that everyone gets what they deserve?

As gatherers I think there is a good chance that wise women have new solutions to old problems. Don’t you?

Of course not all women are empathetic and civilized. Ayn Rand was a women who was definitely more hunter than gatherer, but come on. The story of civilization is not built on the vicious power of the strongest. It is rather the emergence of community building based on building personal responsibility in children so they will promote community responsibility as adults.

For millennia women have had to motivate men to become civilized. In our own history passionate women were behind the movements to end slavery, child labor, and toxic working conditions.

In some parts of the world women are getting impatient with their uncivilized husbands and are attempting to push civilization faster. In the African country of Togo where tyranny and violence has crushed the defenseless for the past 50 years, Togolese women have organized “sex strikes” to press their husbands into action that will establish human rights and equal justice. A sex strike is refusing to engage in sex with your husband until things change. Togolese women combine their abstinence with prayer and fasting to work on men’s souls as well as their passions.

This battle for civilizing Togo is just beginning, but the sex strike has gotten the attention of women activists world wide. Perhaps it’s time to tame the animal instincts of men who too often mistake their competitive hormones for standing on principle. (Just imagine American women staging a national sex strike rile up men to insist our congress come up with both sensible and compassionate solutions to solve our solvable problems…just imagine)

Perhaps it’s time to fully civilize our future so that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are promises we authentically offer to all of our citizens. Maybe it’s time for gathering rather than hunting. Maybe it’s time for many more wise women to run many more things than they’ve ever been allowed to. It’s hard to imagine they’d do a worse job.

Wise Women unite! Please.

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